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Snuff Misconceptions 

Snuff tobacco is unfamiliar to most people, and so it is the subject to some myths and misunderstandings about its use.  Many people mistakenly believe that snuff makes you sneeze horribly, that it hurts your nose to use it, or that it is a dangerous activity.  This page was written to counter some of the more common misconceptions, and set the record straight.

Snuff is one of the cleanest ways to enjoy tobacco.

Snuff belongs in one of two places...your snuff box or your nose.  Cigarettes and cigars produce smoke and leave butts when you are done, pipes produce smoke and leave ash and unburnt tobacco leavings, chewing tobacco often involves the need to spit juice and to eventually discard the tobacco once you are done, and even snus leaves behind used up pouches of snus when you are done.  Snuff goes from snuff box to nose, and thatís it. 

Sometimes those that take snuff have to blow their nose due to the reaction of their bodies to the tobacco, but blowing your nose is something everyone must do now and then.  When needed, snuff-takers blow their noses like everyone else, and throw the kleenex away.  Snuff is one of the cleanest and least obvious ways to enjoy tobacco.  It does nothing to change the environment or affect the people around you.

Snuff does not regularly cause sneezing or any other nose problems.
It is common for people using snuff for the first time to sneeze at first.  Even experienced snuff-takers will sneeze occassionally.  But, as you get better at taking snuff and get used to the sensation, sneezing rarely happens.  Some of this comes from learning how much snuff to use, how hard to snuff it into your nose, and how deep to pull the snuff.  Some snuff-takers consider a good solid snuff-sneeze to be invigorating, but sneezing is fairly rare.

Some heavily-perfumed snuffs will cause a bit of congestion in your nose, but a hot-shower once a day will clear that up.  Lightly perfumed or non-perfumed snuffs usually open up your nasal passages rather than clogging them up.  Regular snuff-users normally experience very few problems with their nose as a result of their snuff-use.  There is some anecdotal information that snuff-use can actually help with headaches, allergies, and other health problems.

The act of taking-snuff is comfortable and enjoyable.

For those not familiar with snuff-use, the idea of snuffing tobacco into their nose sounds uncomfortable or painful.  It is only unpleasant if you doing it wrong.  If you pull the snuff too deeply into your nostrils to where it hits your sinuses or the back of your throat, it can burn in an uncomfortable way.  But, by using caution and learning exactly how hard to draw in various kinds of snuff, you can easily avoid this sensation.  Many snuffs cause a light burning or tingling sensation when you take them, but this is a pleasant, invigorating feeling and not a painful one.  Snuffs with menthol added create a cool burning sensation in your nose and head, but this is not painful.  It tends to be refreshing and opens everything up.

If using snuff was painful or uncomfortable, snuff-takers would not be so attracted to its use.  There are many options for enjoying tobacco, and many snuff-takers use tobacco in a variety of ways.  But most users of snuff will tell you that it is their favorite way to enjoy tobacco.  It is a rewarding and pleasant experience. 

If you find a snuff tobacco that doesn't agree with you, there are hundreds of others that might.

Every nose is different.  People react to the same snuff differently.  So, if you have tried snuff in the past and did not enjoy it, it may simply have been the wrong snuff for you.  There are scores of snuff-makers, and, and hundreds of varieties of snuff.  They use different kinds of tobacco, different scents, different processes, and different additives to create their finished product.  If you try one type of snuff and don't like it, or it reacts badly with your nose, try something completely different.  Part of the fun of snuff is trying new things, and finding what works for you and what you enjoy the most.

Snuff is one of the safest ways to enjoy tobacco.

When compared with other ways that tobacco is enjoyed, snuff is a relatively safe activity.  The lungs are completely out-of-the-loop when it comes to snuff use.  The tobacco is not burned, and the act of burning tobacco is what creates many of the harmful chemicals to which smokers are exposed.  Most snuff is made from tobacco and other natural ingredients.

While snuff use is addictive, due to the nicotine involved, a scientific connection between snuff-use and cancer has never been found.  After hundreds of years of snuff use and decades of scientific studies, the use of snuff tobacco is the safest way to enjoy tobacco.  Period.

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