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Total matches for March 2016: 26

18th Century Boxwood Rasp
18th Century Decorated Rasp
18th Century Ivory Rasp
Between 1675 and 1715 Ivory Silver and Iron Rasp
Carved Snuff Rasp
Carved Wooden Rasp with Bird
Fancy Snuff Rasp
Ivory Rasp with Compartment
Ivory Snuff Rasp with Mercury
Jean Rolin Rasp
King Ivory Rasp 1 - Back
King Ivory Rasp 2 - Showing Hole
King Ivory Rasp 3 - Front
Made by Nicolas Barge Casseville - Showing Enema
Made for the Kings House in France
Metal Rasp
Ornate Snuff Rasp
Pivot Snuff Rasp
Pocket Snuff Rasp
Silver Snuff Rasp

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